Landlord – Tenant law

Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, a first time renter or an experienced landlord, going it on your own is often fraught with landmines.

New Jersey is often known as a “tenant’s state”; that is, it’s laws lean heavily to favor a tenant.  Landlords who don’t have a solid lease often find themselves stuck with a tenant.  Even with a good lease, failure to follow all the intricate laws, regulations and requirements can put a landlord behind the eight ball.  It’s imperative for a landlord to obtain experienced legal help before they enter into a lease, and to consult with the right attorney as soon as something seems to be going wrong.  Marcel can help you, having represented landlords in a variety of situations and in various courts.

Just because New Jersey is a tenant’s state doesn’t mean that if you are a tenant, you should go it alone.  Experienced landlords often have include lease terms that try to take these rights and advantages away.  Also, many landlords “get away” with violations of the law, just because most tenants are ignorant of their rights.  Marcel can help you as well.

Marcel also represents commercial landlord and tenants, from negotiating leases to solving ongoing issues.